Warranty and Return Policy

Aquarium Limited Warranty

What Is Covered: Our warranty is extended only to the original purchaser. This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship as determined by Spectrum Brands, subject to the conditions and exceptions stated below.

What Is Not Covered:

To the extent permitted by applicable law, any and all direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, special, punitive, or other damages arising out of or connected with the purchase, use or misuse of this product, and/or costs associated with installation, customization, modification, set up or tear down, removal or transportation of any and all equipment including but not limited to aquarium(s) and stand(s) resulting from use of this aquarium are expressly disclaimed and excluded by this warranty. The warranty does not cover the contents of the aquarium, including fish and plants.

Included in the exclusions above, this warranty is void under the following conditions and exceptions:

  • If the aquarium has experienced any modification or alteration of the aquarium by drilling, cutting, sawing, gluing anything to, bending, melting, taping, or other similar means.
  • If the aquarium is placed on any surface that that is not commercially manufactured for use with an aquarium of its size and weight or is inadequate to accommodate the size and weight of the aquarium.
  • If the aquarium is placed on a stand, surface or structure that does not provide a flat, level surface capable of fully supporting the aquarium and its contents, such as on shelving, book cases, dressers, television sets, tables, or carts.
  • If the sealant at the inside edges or corners of the aquarium is removed or cut. · If any silicone is added to the aquarium structure.
  • If the aquarium is chipped or shows any glass damage due to impact, mishandling, or other such improper activity.
  • If the aquarium is customized or modified by any person or entity other than the manufacturer.
  • If the aquarium is sold or purchased in used condition, including but not limited to as floor-model display, online sale, or through second-hand methods such as a garage sale, estate sale or otherwise.
  • If the aquarium is used for other than its intended purpose.
  • If the aquarium is stored or unused for a period of time prior to use or is otherwise stored near or in a temperature or environment that negatively impacts the stability of the aquarium, including but not limited to near vents, windows or direct sunlight.
  • If the aquarium is not purchased from an authorized retailer. · If the aquarium is not installed, operated or maintained in accordance with our instructions, specifications and warnings.
  • If damage to the aquarium is incurred by moving, transporting, customizing, modifying, setting up or installing the aquarium in its original or subsequent location.
  • If there is breakage of a tempered aquarium.

* Tempered aquariums are warranted against sealant failure only.

The warranty does not cover the contents of the aquarium, including fish and plants.

What We Will Do: We will repair or replace the aquarium (at our option) if it is deemed to be defective in workmanship or materials during normal use, provided that the aquarium is returned freight prepaid at the customer’s expense. Return shipping from Spectrum Brands to the customer is the responsibility of Spectrum Brands. Where goods are repaired or replaced under this warranty, the aquarium is warranted for the remainder of the original warranty.

What Do You Need to Provide for Valid Warranty: For the warranty to be valid, you must complete and return the Warranty Registration Card included with the aquarium with copy of sales receipt showing purchase of aquarium by mail to us within 15 days of your purchase from an authorized retailer. To register your product online, please visit http://www.marineland.com/customer-service/warranty-registration-form.aspx.

How Long Does the Coverage Last: The warranty for this aquarium is issued to you as the original purchaser and is not transferrable. The warranty terminates if you sell, transfer, alter, modify, misuse, neglect, damage, customize, improperly install, or otherwise cause excessive wear and tear to this aquarium.

The warranty term is as follows:
Tank Size Warranty Term*
Under 15g 90 days
15g-60g 5 Years
65g and up 10 Years
*from date of purchase of new product from an authorized retailer.

How State Laws Apply: This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state and in Canada, and the limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.

For more information on how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information provided to us, please refer to our Privacy Policy located at www.spectrumbrands.com/privacy-policy.

GloFish® Fluorescent Fish Refund Policy
We are committed to making Fish WishTM successful for you.  We carefully select your fish and ship them overnight directly to your front door. Fish WishTM guarantees your fish will arrive alive and stay alive for 14 days after delivery. In the case that 1-2 fish do not arrive alive or stay alive for 14 days after delivery, we will refund you the purchase price of that fish in full.  If 3 or more fish do not arrive alive or stay alive for 14 days after delivery, we will reship you replacement fish via overnight delivery.
If you experience any concerns at all with your fish, please call us at 1-800-456-3474 so we may assist you.

GloFish® Fluorescent Fish Shipping Schedule
Order by 11:59 PM EST Mon-Wed for next day shipping.  Orders placed Thurs-Sat will be processed on the following Mon. Orders placed on Sun will be processed on the following Tues. Please note we cannot deliver on weekends. We do not ship or deliver orders on weekends.

The Shipping Process
After you place your order, our farm staff in Florida hand-selects your fish. We then carefully pack them in a special shipping bag filled with water and oxygen. This bag is then sealed and placed in special insulated packs, similar to a foam cooler. All packages are then shipped via overnight shipping to minimize the trip time for your fish.