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School of Fish

Whether you’re seeking a more classic school of tetras or you’re looking to fancy things up with barbs and sharks, you’ll find the right mix of happy little fish you desire. Our fish are from the GloFish® Brand family, so they’ll add bright pops of color to your aquarium.


Choose the substrate that checks your vibe. Our black gravel comes loaded with fluorescent accents for a funkier feel, and our white gravel will give you a more serene environment. Plus, you can always add on more multi-colored gems for dramatic effect.


Plants give your fish opportunity to explore, as well as some hiding places to help provide a less stressful environment. Available in earthy or fluorescent, they help complete the look of your aquarium.


Put the finishing touches on your aquarium. Your choices here help you set the stage for your aquarium’s debut, from earthy driftwood to an amusing castle.

Filtration System

Your aquarium comes with our powerful filtration system, which provides optimal water filtration to keep things clean.


Glofish tanks come with customizable lighting to mix and match any mood or time of day. Our 25 and 29-gallon tanks come with nine different lighting modes controlled from our app available on iOS and Android. Our 5- gallon tank does not have Wi-Fi capabilities but comes with our GloFish Cycle Light, allowing you to customize your tank with four unique lighting modes. Options include sunlight, moonlight, midnight, and twilight to keep your tank perfectly lit.

*On average, you should leave your aquarium light on for 8-12 hours. If algae growth becomes a problem, reduce that length of time. Light timers can help with this.

Note: The 5 Gallon does not include Wi-Fi enabled lighting.
However, it does ship with a GloFish® Cycle Light that features four light modes:

-Sunlight Mode
-Moonlight Mode
-Midnight Mode
-Twilight Mode


Your aquarium comes with fish food, water treatments, and replacement filter cartridges that ship every 3 months for a full year. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

*Supplies shipped are sufficient for 3 months of use when used and stored as directed.

Test Strips

With Tetra® Easy Strips complete test strip kit, you have everything you need to test your aquarium water – just dip and read for accurate results.